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Here at Pawsitive Pooches we aim to offer you the opportunity to keep your best friend fit, happy and healthy for life.


We have built an outstanding reputation using only modern, reward based, non-punitive training methods. Our aim is to help you to build a positive and harmonious relationship with your canine companion. We are fully insured, CRB checked and have a canine first aid qualification. We provide a personal and friendly service tailored to meeting the needs of you and your dogs.


Pawsitive Pooches offers reward-based training for puppies and dogs, where they can learn in a fun, relaxed atmosphere through positive reinforcement and choice.  

We offer Puppy School Classes, dog training classes and one to one training sessions tailored to individual requirements.

Classes sizes are small and the whole family is welcome to come along and join in the fun.


Galen Myotherapy is a hands-on, manual therapy that uses specific and effective massage techniques. 

Targeted massage techniques and exercise management can help manage chronic muscular pain and inflammation.

It's ideal for working dogs or dogs suffering with lameness and stiffness, often relating from other conditions, old injuries or commonly, repetitive strain issues.

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Cushla has been a Puppy School tutor for 13 years and is the Regional Manager for Wiltshire. 


She is a senior Galen Myotherapist offering treatments and tuition on the Galen training course.

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Suzy has been training dogs for 7 years, before that she was a lecture at an agricultural collage.


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