Bronze Course Voucher


This sessions are follow on from Puppy School and are also perfect for dogs returning to training or rescue dogs.

Classes are limited to 8 dogs per class to ensure individual attention.

During the 6 week course your dog will learn how to:

> Phase in verbal praise cue when training

> Teach the dogs to focus on their handler regardless of distractions round them

> Teach control at door/gate ways

> Greeting strangers in a calm way, both walking and sitting

> Teach a “leave” cue

> Teach body awareness


We will continue training the dogs to:

> Walk on a loose lead with distractions

> Come back when called with lots of distractions

> Teach sit, stand and down from a voice cue

> Build up a Wait/Stay for 1 minute


There are also lots of fun and games included in the classes to ensure you have a very happy and contented pooch.