Treatment with Pawsitive Pooches

Muscular issues can affect your dog in many ways – tension and pain can have a negative effect on how a dog functions, both physically and psychologically. The effects of muscular and soft tissue damage can cause a complex range of  symptoms that are not easily recognised or noticed.

A Galen Myotherapy practitioner uses palpation skills to expertly feel for and identify areas of tension and other muscular limitations which can commonly lead to pain, discomfort and loss of physical fitness.

Galen Myotherapy treatment can help.

What is Galen Canine Myotherapy?

Galen Myotherapy is a unique and highly specialised manual therapy and exercise management. It uses appropriate, effective and targeted specialised massage techniques and exercise management to manage the chronic muscular pain and inflammation that is caused from many different conditions that are so common in a dogs life.

Inital Assessment

1.5 hour - £60

During an initial assessment for Galen Myotherapy we will talk through a simple questionnaire asking about your dogs daily habits and movements.  Together we can build a picture of your dogs daily health and this in turn will help to identify any movements which they struggle with.
For example, will we discuss whether your dog has had a major accident or trauma during their life, do they groan why they lie down, are they lame, if so, is it intermittent etc.

During this time I will also have the opportunity to see how your dog moves, sits, lies down and assess their gait in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is then followed by a hands on assessment and treatment.  Muscular tissue can be palpated and it’s condition assessed and treated appropriately.  

The hands on technique manipulates specific areas and enhances targeted blood flow which facilitates natural healing and a positive change within the body.

It is important to note that Galen therapists work with your dog through choice, this means your dog will not be restrained at any point during the treatment. All treatments are conducted at floor level and never on a table.  This enables your dog to be relaxed and to move away at any point if they are uncomfortable.

The treatment does not aim to target painful areas but rather to work on the areas of compensation which your dog may have developed and then to “uncoil” the compensation pattern, working back to the original issue.


1 hour - £45

Galen Myotherapy treatments are totally specific to your dog.  We work very closely with you as a dog owner, giving clear information and instructions all the way through the treatment process. 


We work on your dog at ground level, so that your dog will be most comfortable and relaxed. Your dog will always have a ‘choice’ and therefore they will always be allowed to leave the area of treatment for a rest.